Multi Functional Portable Air Conditioning

XL Air can provide portable air conditioning units when cooling or heating is required on a temporary basis. Our portable units are available to higher or purchase. We can organise a temporary heating or cooling solution for your business whether it is for your office, server room, retail shop, restaurant or domestic, etc. Features include:

  • Multi functional cooling, heating & dehumidifying
  • Easy to install, wheel in & plug in
  • Hand held remote control
  • Quiet operation
  • Washable air filter
  • Self evaporating (no need to empty water tray)
  • Supplied with a 2m exhaust hose

KY35 Specifications

Cooling Heating Electrical Supply Air flow Dimensions Weight
kW kW Vollage Amps Watts cuM/hr Width mm Length mm Height mm kgs
3.5 12000 230 7 1500 350 400 370 760 27.4